Service and Training 3D Video

Need to teach employees and customers how to do a particular task?  Animation is an excellent way to do just that.  Add multi-lingual audio and text overlays to the animation and reach your entire audience in their native language.

Studies confirm that the use of animated video to teach tasks, concepts and procedures is 40% to 50% more effective than alternatives.

Reduce customer support calls and have a significant positive impact on warranty costs.  Customers and Dealers can benefit from clear and concise instructions.  Raise the value of your products.  Teach your customers how to get the most from your product.

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Marketing 3D Video and Imagery

Is your product in development?  Provide prospects with high resolution still images and animations.  Let them visualize your products well before the prototype stage.

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Add animation to bring more information to your client.  Describe your product, show it in action, tell your story.  Remove background clutter and focus your message on pertinent information.  It's the beauty of 3D animation.

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Native and Simulated 3D

Your customers expect more information.  Provide them with a full view of your product.  Simulated 3D provides your customer with the ability to inspect your product with no complicated browser plug-ins.  We provide the image arrays and your technical team plugs them into a simple javascript viewer like SpriteSpin .

Alternatively, drop your customer into full 3D functionality with a plug-in.

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The nature of creative work normally requires a proposal process.  Please contact sales to begin.

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