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So, You have a product.
Wireframe image of a windmill appears.

With 3D, we can show it on the screen.
We can illustrate it.
Windmill image changes to illustration style.

Provide some studio lighting.
Give it realism.
Windmill style changes to realistic.

Or, show it in operation.
Impeller begins to turn.

But 3D gives you more.
Let's see how it works. What's happening?
Windmill rotates on it's mount toward the rear.

What makes this product better than the competition?
Tail and mount fade away revealing the interior of the windmill.

Is it the non-cogging armature?
Armature is revealed.

The purity of copper conductors?
Copper coils are revealed.

The highly efficient ceramic bearings?
Armature bearings are revealed.

But I want more.
What is the point of the product?
Can I tell a story?
In this case, it's making electricity.
Copper coils begin to light in succession.

Pulling energy from the wind.
Indicating electricity generation.

Creating pause for emphasis power.
This is the point of 3D.
Screen fades to white.

It lets your imagination off it's leash.
A light filled hole is shown
on the side of a metallic looking spaceship.
A space scene is revealed with floating debris.
Fade to Wiker Industries Logo.

Wiker Industries Home for 3D Technology

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you  communicate more effectively using 3D Technology.

We use 3D technology to help businesses explain their products to their prospects, customers and dealers.

We start by creating your model from scratch or by using your CAD data.  Then we use this virtual model to communicate about your product in still images and animations.

In Sales, our animations will help you demonstrate your products in fantastic ways.  Prospects will understand your product more thoroughly than ever before.

Customer service begins with providing a customer with everything they need to experience success with your product.  This means supplying clean, accurate, easy to use and understand instruction.  Our 3D technology can help by taking instruction beyond the book to virtual demonstrations.

In Warranty, you can affect cost by significant percentages using animated videos that instruct your dealerships how to perform warranty work in the most efficient manner.  A small investment in animated instruction video can reduce the amount allotted AND teach the dealer how to make the repair in the time allotted.

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